April 15, 2013

SPOTD: The door opener

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" posts
Lugging up my bike over and down stairs is a daily workout in itself, especially since my bike is more of a mountainy one compared to all the other tiny framed ones y'all Bay Areans carry around.  (Those tiny tires?  Seriously?)  After lugging up my bike from the flight of stairs as I headed home today, I was pushing open the heavy glass door when all of a sudden a man walking down the street reaches out his hand to hold open the door for me.  I thanked him graciously pulling my bike out the door with me.  Once I was clear of the glass monstrosity, this door opener just kept on walking in no way wanting access to my building.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day was the random door opener and his refreshing chivalry.

There's plenty of chivalry I miss seeing.  It's all but gone or at least not expected any more of men to:

- Pick up the check at a restaurant.  Don't get me wrong, it's great for a woman to not need a man in general terms, but this is not a "gold digger move" to expect the guy to pick up the check!

- Hold doors open.  It's a small act that means a big difference for me, whether I'm in actual need of assistance with the door (like today) or I'm leaving a building at the same time as somebody else.  I'm a girl and I always hold doors open for anybody around me no matter what.

- Call a woman "ma'am" out of respect.  I'm not in Wyoming anymore, so I'm unsure if it's just a California thing or what but I never get called ma'am.  Am I too young to be given such a respectful title?  If a cashier or waitor or delivery man comes up to me and says "Have a great day, ma'am," I'd be pleasantly surprised.

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