April 21, 2013

SPOTD: Insects on trains

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For those who have seen You've Got Mail, remember the scene where Meg Ryan is describing a butterfly riding the subway?  I may have been in her shoes spotting a grasshopper on my train ride home from the city this morning.  It did not enter and exit while I was aboard, but I hypothesized he missed his stop and thought it would be less confusing as a first-time train hopper (pun intended) to just stay put and wait until the train comes back around the route to his stop.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day today is the idea of insects on trains.

Grasshoppers and butterflies are fairly harmless bugs on trains, but I would expect:

- A bee or wasp on a train would be unpleasant.  Even if it wasn't buzzing around trying to sting a passenger, there's gonna be a bee/wasp phobic person who notices its presence in a negative way (like myself).

- An ant on a train would lead to a gazillion ants on a train.  Every time I spot an ant, there's always a lot more where that one came from.

- Flies on a train would be rather annoying.  From the buzzing to the constant landing on no place in particular would trigger my ADD side to the point where my eyes would follow its path the entire ride.  Zoning out is my train past time, not focusing of any sort (besides knowing which stop I'm getting off at of course.)

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