April 1, 2013

SPOTD: Ladies in the workplace

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
At the office, we have a new hire.  She's not only a seemingly awesome person so far, but the fact that she's a SHE makes me happy since this entire office has been mostly men until the last few month's hires.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is having my ladies in the workplace since my industry is very male-centric.

More women need to join my industry (social media and technology in general) because:

- More men, more problems.  Balance in sexes is key, people.  You ladies know what I mean.

- There's plenty of tech experiences and products that are advertised toward women.  Who's gonna want something for women but made and generated 100% by men?

- Women are awesome and in my opinion need to find equality with men in the workplace in general.  Now I have the "Anything you can do" song stuck in my head.

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