April 3, 2013

SPOTD: Little red wagons

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
On my walk home from work today, I spotted a father pulling his two toddlers down the street in a little red wagon.  This reminded me of how my dad used to take me and my sister on walks around the neighborhood in our little red wagon when we were small enough to ride in one.  There's a photo at my parents house somewhere with proof (with all three of us wearing colorful 90s sunglasses, I believe).  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is reminiscing about little red wagons.

Those red wagons had so many functions for us as kids like:

- Racing.  Grab the handle as far inside as you can and steer it down a hill until you crash and get grass stains or worse, it's awesome!

- Yard work help.  Whenever heavy stuff needed to be haled to the garden, the wagon was there for its original purpose.  Sometimes me or my sister would jump on the edge as my mom tugged it on the grass to get a quick ride to the garden.

- Animal transport.  I don't believe I actually did this, but placing the dog or the cat in the wagon and taking them for a ride would have been thoughtful if the animal enjoyed it.  Our two dogs and one cat were not patient enough for it.

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