April 27, 2013

SPOTD: New Car Smell

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today I embarked in a little car "window shopping."  My grandparents inheritance allows me to purchase a new car since my poor ol' bug is to the point of replacement in the upgraded-ride variety.  Test driving cars is nerve wracking, but the calming scent of new car smell as my Simple Pleasure of the Day helped ease the tension.  I am weeks away from deciding and purchasing, so I shall embark in more new-car-smell-scented adventures soon.

Car shopping can be hard for someone like me because:

- I need to be able to fit in it first.  Most of my car shopping was car sitting and then rejecting due to limited leg room or seat / steering wheel adjust-ability.

-  I'm super poor.  I'm only able to afford this car because of my grandparents inheritance, so sitting in anything that costs more than the floor mat my feet are stepping on leaves me uneasy.

- Let's just say I'm not the best driver.  It's not like I'm reckless or anything, I'm just easily paranoid that I'll crash the car because I don't push the pedals right or get easily distracted by something in or out of the car. 

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