April 25, 2013

SPOTD: Open Space

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My dresser barely fits in my studio due to limited wall space and the L-shape that forces it against the front door to make the L-shape more prominent.  Today I finally found room in my closet to awkwardly place my dresser against one wall (my closet is a giant square).  Now I have my Simple Pleasure of the Day: open space in my main room.  I can spin around with my arms out and not hit anything!  How exciting!

I've found other ways to keep as much open space in my apartment as possible by:

- Shoving everything against the walls and corners.  I have one large wall and one awkward small wall on the opposite side that can't be used because of my awkwardly large apartment heater, so everything has to be up along the giant wall or I'd be walking through a maze of things.

- Maximizing storage.  I have multiple shelves, closet space, and drawers in this tiny place (I swear 50% of it is storage space) so I fill each space up with as much stuff as possible to keep the main spaces open and not so cluttered.

- Not buying as much stuff as I used to.  For those who know me I'm a thrift-store-aholic (or whatever word sounds better), so I'd be coming home every few months with loads of clothes and even some furniture.  Now I've prioritized my wants and needs in a more stricter way of shopping (yelling "NO" in my head to myself if I see something that has a reason to stay at the store is one of them).  I do not have as much stuff as I used to, so with less stuff comes more open space.

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