May 20, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: A child waving

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Children waving at strangers is my SPOTD.  I was riding to work when I saw a man and his toddler get out of their car in my path.  I casually avoided collision just as the adorable toddler in her daddy's arms waved my way.  Hearts melted, friends.

If I ever end up a mother (good GOD please no), I would teach my adorable widdle me to:

- Wave at strangers only if they do something nice for you.  The whole "stranger danger" thing is so overblown with super protective parents nowadays thinking every person on the street is trying to steal your child.  I'll just tell my kid to not interact with a stranger unless they do something for you in a polite way like opening doors for you (or not run you over in the street) and hope that doesn't backfire.

- Wave down friends or family from across the room if they don't see you.  Yelling is rude depending on the setting and texting/calling your location is overdone.  Just wave your hands in the air so they notice you like every other human did when they didn't have technology but had manners.

- Always do the wave at sporting events if you're in the middle of one.  Shy or not, my kid's gonna be PART of that and LIKE IT because waves are awesome.  As a shy kid I liked to break out of my shell in small spurts such as the one-in-a-crowd-where-nobody-is-going-to-single-me-out-unless-I'm-doing-it-wrong crowd wave.

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