May 6, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: An extra walk

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's SPOTD was caused by forgetting to bring in some supplies into work from my car that was parked a 15-minute-walk away from the office.  I noticed halfway to the office this morning that I should have brought it with me, but instead I ended up grabbing it during my lunch break for an extra walk, adding another 30 minutes of walking that wouldn't have happened.  And walking is kind of awesome when an extra ice cream sandwich is on the line (thanks to the trusty calorie counter that lets me that's basically teaching me that the more I exercise, the more junk I can eat).

Extra exercise has also caused the following:

- Less charley horse pains.  My stupid body decides to lash out when I'm stressed or progressively lethargic, and most of the punishment occurs in the middle of the night getting woken up by a leg cramp for NO REASON.  Now that I'm biking more and walking more (and eating differently?) than I did for the last four-ish years when these unfortunate night pains would occur, I haven't had one in over six months.  Progress!

- Loosing some weight!  I still have a mole hill of stomach pudge to go, but the mountain I had before (albeit not noticable apparently but still there) has shrunk and hopefully will continue to shrink when I stop eating all the junk I keep telling myself I can have beCAUSE I'm exercising more.  My logic is stupid haha.

- More strongness, less wimpyness.  Riding my bike around the block used to cause a borderline asthma attack and a wet head of sweat for my uncoordinated self.  Now I can take that 40 minute total biking commute with not so much as an elevated heart rate.

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