May 28, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: A race against nothing

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My morning commute was utterly gross with clouds I am used to avoiding in sunny Palo Alto.  Thankfully, my friend the sun returned for my evening commute, so my energy level heightened as I soaked up some rays.  That's when I realized I was pedaling faster than my usual grandma pace, passing bicyclists that would normally pass me.  For no real reason, my body went into race mode, causing my SPOTD to be a race against nothing for no reason.

Sometimes you just gotta pretend you're in a rush to beat something like:

- The clock.  If I had timed myself, maybe I'd be slightly proud of getting home 45 seconds earlier than I normally do, but this I doubt.

- Yourself.  On Memorial Day I worked from home, so maybe my shortened exercise for the week was a reason my body kicked it into high gear.  As if my body said Oh you stayed in bed all day when you should have been exercising?  That's ok, I'll make you BURN your way home today to make up for it.

- The importance of getting home?  I wasn't too late for feeding the cat (though Jimmy did seem to notice), and I hadn't planned on any social event or TV show to rush to since I have no life... so my grandma pace is acceptable most days.  I'll just shrug and be happy I burned more calories as I rush home to do almost nothing.  That's cool.

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