May 2, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: The wind in my hair

The heat ravaged the Bay Area today, but with it came a breeze as if Mother Nature sympathized with us wimpy Bay Areans who are so sensitive to these temperatures.  My bike ride home would not have been as enjoyable if I didn't experience my SPOTD of the wind in my hair.  The bike's speed against the wind increased the speed of the wind for me keeping my head and neck cool while downtown shoppers slowly walked through the sun appearing as miserable as possible.

Wind is normally not my friend for the following reasons:

- I grew up in Nevada where wind is annoying but normal.  The Carson/Reno/Tahoe area has its share of windy days where a 40mph wind is common and considered fairly calm.  Here in the Bay Area, there's a "Wind Advisory" anywhere breezier than 35!  I do not miss the wind since living here, but it still annoys me how strange it is that 70mph winds are breaking news.

- Hair whippings.  Since my hair is super long and heavy, the wind blows it around all up in my face and eyes like it wants me to crash my bike or at least cause me enough harm where the hair is painfully slapped around.

- Style ruining.  Whether it's my hair done up or an accessory that is light enough to be tossed around in the wind, it's as if Mother Nature does not approve of how I present myself by tossing my hair around or making sure a necklace or tasseled shirt is knotted up. 

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