May 29, 2013


What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Was today official deadline for butterflies to hatch or did I miss the memo?  My walk to work today was surrounded by tiny brown butterflies ALL OVER THE PLACE.  At first I thought they were moths, but there are never this many moths out in the sunlight in the daytime ever.  This late spring unofficial Palo Alto Butterfly Festival that was my walk home from work is my Simple Pleasure of the Day.

My move from a bugless city has me jumping over:

- Bees and wasps of all sorts.  Besides the fact that they're super loud to me now that I am around them once again, my paranoia convinces me they're out to get me so I stay clear of them.  I stopped short on the sidewalk to let a bee cross my path a good few feet away haha.

- Flies.  They're harmless little annoyances, and I'm so easily distracted because of their irratic flying and landing and flying and landing I CAN'T LOOK AWAY FROM.  I was figuratively stuck watching a fly pester my office mates last week for several minutes, my eyes could not look away.

- Moths.  Nevada seems to have tiny moths year-round that follow me back to the Bay Area in my suitcase, car, and other bags.  Big ones don't bother me, but tiny ones have the fly effect on me where I just can't stop staring until I SQUISH THEM DEAD to feel the satisfying powder of death on my hands from their smooshed wings.  I have nothing against them but their stalking me home to my BUG FREE ZONE.  Either I kill it or Jimmy the cat does.

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