May 11, 2013

SPOTD: Eating someone else's leftovers

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Two chicken meals and half of a cheesecake slice was my dinner tonight, and all thanks to my parents not finishing their food.  Our dinner last night was massive on all fronts so the leftovers were given to me since keeping leftovers in hotels is a little risky and I'm poor as dirt so yay free food.  Today's Simple Pleasure of the Day is eating someone else's leftovers whether they were given to you or not.

Here's what makes eating somebody else's food awesome:

- First impressions.  Whether you were eating with a group of people that all had different orders or you're digging through Tupperware containers in the office lunchroom fridge, this is your first experience with the food.  The original owner can compare to what it tasted like fresh vs reheating or chilling later on.  Let it be a tasty surprise for you, first timers.

- Getting a taste.  Did Sally bring in a pasta dish to the office from her family reunion over the weekend?  Too much for you to eat in one sitting but still looks delicious?  Try some when nobody's looking.  Or are you on a restricted diet where you can't have sweets but those chocolate chip cookies are giving you that "EAT ME" look?  Who says you need a whole cookie?  Break off a chunk to get your fix while only cheating a little bit because LIVE A LITTLE!

- The rush of maybe getting caught.  Seeing somebody's name on food in the office makes you want to be that person named on that container regardless if the food seems appetizing or not.  Maybe you want to wolf it down and expect to be confronted later so you can lie to that coworker that it wasn't you who ate that TV dinner in the freezer named Carl.  Maybe you don't expect anything to happen because you know Carl is too much of a wimp to call anybody out.  OR you're just hungry and in the moment so who cares what happens after the food is in your belly?

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