May 19, 2013

SPOTD: A shower in the morning

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
I'm going to loosely call a shower that started at 11:55am and ended at 12:25pm a "morning shower" for Simple Pleasure of the Day purposes.  I grew up showering in the mornings as a way to wake up and get away from the world, but since leaving the house I'm a nighttime gal where showers are a chore and mornings are lazy.  Waking up at the beginning of the day and hoping in the shower IN THAT ORDER is strange to me, so when the water hit my face this morning, it felt odd but comfortably familiar.

These are the best times to shower:

- When you stink.  Obviously.

- Right after getting home from a long day.  Drop you stuff and hop in the shower before you do ANYTHING.  Your dumb day is washed away to reveal a relaxing clean night.

- When you have to get up super early one morning for some God-awful reason.  I had to do this for SkillsUSA competitions that started at 8am in a neighboring town, so getting up at 4am was required and highly unfair.

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