June 15, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Attempting yoga

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
With the help of a borrowed yoga mat and a free exercise app for my phone, I attempted yoga today as my SPOTD.  I know almost nothing about the poses or how to breathe or what to say ("namastay?"), so a timed app of 5 minutes of poses was just the dip in the yoga water I needed.

Based on this attempt, I concluded:

- I suck at breath control.  A pose will seem super hard until I notice I'm not breathing.

- I suck at keeping my legs straight.  Move my upper body in any direction but straight and my knees will bend on impulse.

- I suck at yoga... so far.  I'll keep at it though!  (Hopefully.)

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