June 23, 2013

Simple Pleasure of the Day: Waking up to gloom

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Today's SPOTD is because of the gloomy weather I only occasionally see in Palo Alto since moving out of Gloomsville USA... or Daly City.  These P.A. occasional days of gray skies compared to the fabulous sunny days usually tank my mood from warm contentment to cool annoyance, but this morning felt quite different.  I woke up to gloom and felt happy.

Gloomy days get me reminiscing about:

- The fog-swallowed days.  As much as I am annoyed by fog, I can't help but love when it envelops everything in sight but the 100-foot radius around you.  It's like the world outside the fog has faded to nothing.  It's just you and whoever else is in that opaque bubble you're in.

- The thick-coat weather.  I HATE HATE HATE being cold, but my idea of "warm" in Daly City only existed for a few weeks in October or April or anytime that wasn't summertime sadly.  I haven't broken out my puffy coat since a NV visit home for the holidays!

- Having an excuse to curl up in a blanket with hot coco and a good book.  These things can be done during any and all weather, but it's just a little sweater when its gross outside and you're cozy inside.

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