June 2, 2013

SPOTD: Accepting failure

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Recently, I read a blog post about keeping crafty people creative.  One of its recommendations was "Never be afraid of fail."  Now I yell it at myself while powering through imperfection instead of completely starting over.  My Simple Pleasure of the Day is a crafting version of accepting failure by realizing learning to crochet will be a process and a half for me.

Other failures I've experienced in the crafty side of my life are:

What Mandy Thinks: Image of my failed attempt at crocheting: "Nailed it?"
Nailed it? (via Instagram)
- Knitting with needles and not those fancy Knifty Knitter circular looms.  My Girl Scout troop did a few lessons on knitting with needed back in the day, but even then I was miserable at the concept.  I had a partial scarf that I ended up wrapping on a teddy bear and then throwing away.

- Sewing.  If there's a hole in something or a button has fallen off a shirt, I'm ON THAT like butter to toast.  However, any form of stitching or working a sewing machine is something I have yet to attempt as well as tonight's crocheting extravaganza.

- Jewelry making.  Beads and thread, no problem.  Metal hooks and fasteners and hot glue... not so much.  My fear of my impish hot glue gun has haulted all levels of jewelry making over threading beads on a string tied back.  I WILL OVERCOME this fear eventually since I've saved a bunch of stuff I've been waiting to fix only hot glue can.

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