June 18, 2013

SPOTD: Doughnuts

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Doughnuts are my Simple Pleasure of the Day because... obviously!  The only time I eat these scrumptious little circles of heaven is when somebody else gets them for a group of people that I'm part of so I can consume them all, which basically happened today at work.  A baker's dozen for seven people meant I could have a few (yes I few, NO SHAME) doughnuts for lunch.  I even took one home to eat later because leaving a doughnut unattended to get all stale makes me sad inside.

Consuming several doughnuts is not so bad if:

- It's done in moderation.  Either spread out your doughnut consumption throughout the year or GO ALL OUT for one day if you feel like it.  It's a "live a little" mentality, GET SOME.

- You're not buying several for yourself at once.  If there's several doughnuts around for you to consume at one time, I see no problem in that if nobody else wants to stuff their face.  Going into a store and buying a baker's dozen for yourself is little sad unless you're 400 pounds and do that sort of thing regularly.  To each his own.

- You haven't eaten in days.  I'd stuff my face with several of ANYTHING after a fast or if I got lost in the woods for days (which hasn't happened but if it does I'm pretty sure I won't be thinking about doughnuts).

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