June 6, 2013

SPOTD: Learning a new skill

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My Simple Pleasure of the Day is learning a new skill.  If you read over my posts from the last few days, you'd know I am beginning to learn how to crochet!  I spent hours watching YouTube videos and practicing stitches, and now I can make granny squares like a CHAMP!  (Well, maybe not a champ per se... I've gotta learn how to control the thread tension better because it's all over the place BUT I'M GETTING THERE WOO!)

The more I learn about crocheting, the more I'm realizing that:

What Mandy Thinks: Image of a granny square: "My first ever granny square!"
My first ever granny square! (via Instagram)
- It is MUCH easier than knitting.  I am still the worst knitter you'll ever meet no matter how much I try to cheat with a Knifty Knitter and pretend I know what I'm doing.

- I finally have uses for all these crochet hooks I grabbed from my grandmother.  There's several different sizes to use for any type of yarn or thread so I'm set for almost any type of project I can scour the interwebs for.

- Anything Michael Sellick plus crochet equals SUCCESS!  I've been obsessing over all of his tutorials on YouTube (I'd recommend this 24-course series from the Crochet Crowd channel).  He's been crocheting for over twenty years so this guy knows his stuff.  It's only been four days for me so far since I've attempted anything crochet and I'm already leaps and bounds over what I knew before which was zilch-zip-zero.

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