June 10, 2013

SPOTD: Rock music

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
My 15-year-old self has been channeled recently with my sudden resurgence for this Simple Pleasure of the Day: rock music.  I've been very indie/pop-centric since moving to the Bay Area and... ya know, growing up and stuff, but a few hard-core songs are on my radar again.  I'm blasting guitar solos and bopping around to unpleasant lyrics again... what's the reason for this!?!

I am usually hyper-sensitive in mood shifts based on the music I listen to, so if I keep this up I may experience:

- Fake depression.  My 15-year-old self didn't know how to take out her frustration for the "sucky" life she had, so what she thought was depression was more like self-loathing as upbeat guitar solos drowned out her true feelings.

- Isolation from everybody and everything.  Although I am around the least amount of people now that I ever have (aka no school to force human interaction), I actually enjoy all the me time while still enjoying being around this small group of people.  If my mood sours and I start to hate people again, my already-anti-social tendencies are gonna get unhealthy very fast.

- An increase in writing, which is the only positive thing I can come up with.  The more I listened to rock, the deeper my mood got where writing was sooo much easier.  The more "chipper" my music is, the less likely I'm willing to get words out of my head onto the page.

QUICK!  Get me to my writings before my mood shifts back to puppies and rainbows!

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