June 4, 2013

SPOTD: Tearing up over a TV show

What Mandy Thinks: "Simple Pleasure of the Day" post
Tonight was the premier of a national talent television show that I occasionally watch.  There was this adorable middle-aged couple spotlighted with the husband singer/guitar player performed on stage with his supportive wife at his side.  Their silly adorable love for each other caused me to tear up because they were just so darn cute.  This is my Simple Pleasure of the Day.

I am not usually a big crybaby, but I can get teary-eyed over:

- Stupidly sad moments in TV or movies.  Especially when I'm watching something alone where I can just cry my eyes out without caring if anybody sees me because nobody can.  Well, except for Jimmy the cat who snuggles with me when I am sad.

- Stupidly cute moments in TV or movies.  Especially things that are so cute they make me laugh so hard that I'm eventually crying.  I tear up easily when I laugh really hard, but in these "cute" cases it's about the emotion from the cuteness that brings out the tears and not the level of laughter.

- No reason at all if its that "time of the month."  One month I was so stressed and emotional that I teared up over the idea of going to bed too early because I didn't know what else to do that night.  It wasn't because I was sad I couldn't do something; I just didn't want to go to sleep!  Oh how my womanhood throws me off course.

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