June 24, 2013

WMT Blog News June 2013


Changes to my SPOTD posts
For those of you who follow my blog (the wonderful handful you are), you must have noticed my regular Simple Pleasure of the Day posts.  When I started these SPOTD's, it was to be a spotlight of a quick moment or experience to practice my writing skills (I want to write a novel someday) and of course to enjoy the little things of every day that we're all blessed to be able to enjoy.

BUT... you may have noticed how I can become tardy with the whole "daily" thing.  A few days would go by without a single post and then suddenly you'll see all of these days posts up later.  I'll admit this is due to laziness and the usual questioning if I'm "running out of ideas" since sometimes I'm pulling teeth trying to figure out what made my day pleasurable.

To combat this, starting today my SPOTD posts will be shorter, more concise, and will reflect the "snippets" it should be.  I'll still stick to the same mission of enjoying the little things, and occasionally will post a picture when possible, but these posts were not meant to be drawn-out complete "posts" like I'm been treating them.  I want to focus on my other sections of this blog more since those are the core elements of what this blog was created for.  Speaking of that...

Backlog of Scheduled Posts
My not-too busy life is not the best excuse for not sticking to my 3-posts-a-month schedule I set for myself months and months ago.  I have the subjects ready, some are drafted, but I have yet to just sit down and crank them all out to get in the hang of posting the 3 a month regularly thereafter.  I'll let y'all know more when these posts are finally live (I'm proud of a few of 'em after all), so stay tuned.

Layout changes
Nothing special, I'm just going to make more room for what is already here.  It's probably something y'all won't even notice, but I'm mentioning this only to have more than two news elements.

I'll check back at the end of the year with blog news for an update.  Thanks again to all who follow me.  I appreciate your patience!

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