July 8, 2013

The Good and Bad of Living Alone vs. Living With Roommates

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It's my seven-month anniversary in my first all-on-my-own, itty-bitty studio apartment where I've been living without roommates for the first time in my life.  Besides all of the fixes the place needed at the start that made me question my decision for this particular place (the maintenance staff probably knows me by name), it's my little home and I love it so.  Although I miss my former roommates and besties dearly and still see them often, the best part of this new place is that I'M ALL TO MYSELF (excluding Jimmy the Cat since he does not pay rent).  FINALLY!  And.  It's.  Heavenly.

Living alone has been a dream of mine since I was a kid (yep, I dreamed big).  I'd always picture what my home as an adult would be like and how I'd take care of it since organization and independence were as glorious to me as PB&J and recess.  I shared a room with my sister until I was ten-ish, so decorating this new room was the best day of my little life at the time.  I was solely responsible in this little space and felt so darn grown up.

Moving out of my parents house when I was eighteen gave me that exact same independence rush until I started living with roommates.  I went through roommate after roommate through student housing which was fine and strange all at the same time.  Leaving housing mid-way through college to live with my soon-to-be-besties was just what I needed for that I-can-be-in-charge-of-everything feeling dealing with all the bills so the roomies can just worry about shoving cash in my face knowing everything's fine.

Now that I'm in my own place without any help from school or roomies or parents or anybody else, I often reflect on what all of my living situations have been like.  Mostly because I'm alone a lot so I have a lot of time to think, but also because I found this blog post from Ali On The Run.  This just makes me love living alone even more.

This comparison outlines how I've experienced both ways of living:

Living AloneLiving with Roomies
  • Rent is horrendously expensive
  • Clothing is optional
  • Privacy always possible
  • Decorate any way you wish
  • You own everything yourself
  • You're always alone unless you invite people over
  • Dinner is always for one
  • Dance like nobody's watching because nobody is
  • Talking to yourself is totally fine, let your mind and mouth wander
  • Wear whatever you want to bed or nothing at all
  • Nobody's around to be bothered by your behavior
  • Go in and out whenever you want, wherever you want, for any reason whatsoever
  • Sexy time happens ANY TIME
  • Eat ALL the food because it's all yours, double-dipping is encouraged
  • Chores are done whenever you want them to be done
  • Bathroom time any time
  • Uninterrupted slumber (except pets and outside noises) 
  • It's your own damn fault if something is damaged
  • On your own if you're burglarized
  • Rent is split, cheaper for all
  • Clothing is probably required
  • Privacy almost impossible
  • Decorate with your roomies in mind
  • You own what is yours, they have theirs
  • There's a good chance you are rarely alone
  • Dinner can be for one or for more
  • Dance with your roomies or they'll watch you dance like an idiot
  • Talking to yourself when roomies are around is kind of creepy
  • Get some PJ's or your roomies may see more than they should
  • Somebody's going to be bothered by your behavior
  • Go in and out whenever you want, but some may want to know where you're going
  • Sexy time needs to be scheduled
  • Food is separated by person or shared with rules
  • Chores are done more regularly and/or shared between roomies
  • Scheduled bathroom time
  • Occasionally interrupted slumber when schedules conflict
  • Roomies can do damage to the place or your stuff or both 
  • Roomies can help defend the household if burglarized

Would I get roommates again?  Probably not, unless I am struggling for cash and need cheaper rent to survive.  One goal of mine is to have my own house (with actual bedrooms to put my bed in instead of living in studio rooms and living rooms) where I or my significant other and I will live by the time I'm thirty.

Which do I like better?  Obviously living alone is just too sweet to sour up with roomies if you can afford it.

What has been your experience with living by yourself or with roommates?


  1. I don't know what chu talkin about, I'm still bothered by your behavior and I don't live with you.

    1. HAHA sure sure, that's outside of our living space though. I'm talking about all the behavior that's not public yet is still around people.

  2. "Clothing is optional" LOL! So true! I don't think I would ever wear pants if I didn't have to!


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