September 10, 2013

Guest Blog Alert! "Embrace Your Inner Outcast" via Never What You Think

What Mandy Thinks: "Words Of Advice" post
I'm officially a guest blogger and it feels GREAT!  Hop on over to one of my new favorite blogs Never What You Think for my take on being an outcast.

Here's an excerpt and a link to the rest:

"Being an outcast is not a bad thing.  Take it from a fellow outcast; I like certain things, do certain activities, and love certain people which may make somebody reject or ignore me based on my actions that conflict with their morals, perspective, or values.  So what?  Why does this not bother me?  I’ll give you a little background to my outcast-ness.  I was programmed to be an outcast based on how I was raised.  Take my family for example..."

Click here to read the rest!

P.S: There may be a WMT post about these NWYT people in the works, so stayed tuned!

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