October 1, 2013

Good News / Bad News

What Mandy Thinks: "Real Person Chronicles" post
This morning as I was writing this post, it was supposed to be all smiles and rainbows and junk.

Good news: this is my 300th What Mandy Thinks post! (Cheers, confetti, yay!)

Thank you guys so much (all few of you) for reading my blog and motivating me up to this point.  I'll admit the number is a smidge skewed if you factor that 85% of the posts were Simple Pleasures and not subject-specific posts like 4% being the College posts and the rest not even being 1% of this 300 number), BUT I WILL MAKE IT COUNT, SO THERE.  Love y'all!

Bad news: I was laid off today.  (Just an all-around nay.)

There was some timing issues involved (taking a long weekend vacation and then getting back completely shut out of a job an hour after I'm told I'm being let go with no advanced warning... ok...), BUT regardless I left on good terms.  This company's still super awesome and doing really well for themselves and I wish them Bumeboxers the very best.  Now I just have to apply like crazy, boot up What Mandy Does finally, and get myself back in the game.

Slightly Good Maybe news?:  I'm applying to be a Lyft driver in the Silicon Valley that launches next week!  I had premeditated a plan to apply this October anyways since making money on my not-so-social life sounded great, but this laid-off thing has REALLY pushed me into doing it.  Cross your fingers I get all certified and pink-stached in no-time. :)

So let's focus on the main reason why I'm here:  YOU GUYS!  Thanks again for reading my ranting, raving, and hopefully decent and kind words through WMT this past few years.  Keeping this going has been only partially about me getting things off my chest and practicing my writing chops for a shiny new author career at retirement or sooner than that.  It's been about the people I reach out to as well, so please stay a while if you're new or stay comfy my fellow blog addicts!  

Here's to a great future that I now have no idea where it leads but it sure as heck better be awesome.  (Insert me chugging something alcoholic here that I hope to buy once I have money again.)

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2013: As a Lyft driver full-time while searching for that next step in my career, life's getting better.  My blogging has been lagging lately but I'll push to get back into high gear.  Patience, lovlies!

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