November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Norman's / See ya later

I have the closest relationship with food and sleep, but food outways the day on Thanksgiving.  The stretchy-pants, gravy-drowned holiday of AWESOME is here!  As I type this I'm sitting on my parents couch in Nevada with Dachshunds on my lap around my laptop, taking a break from helping in the kitchen while the glorious smells of turkey, stuffing, and of course GRAVY fill the air.  Millions like you and I who celebrate in style can't WAIT to stuff our faces with the colorful, juicy, and extremely tasty foods on the way. 

Whether you're alone with a turkey sandwich or with a place setting of twenty loud-mouthed family members, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  (And so do Yogi and Oscar, the weeners snoozing around me.)  I'm typing this now in case I don't get the chance later so if I can get pics of the mountain of food or the sleepy cuties that are so photogenic right now, I'll update later.  Gorge away, friends!

(UPDATE: So guess who updated her phone wrong and got all her Thanksgiving post photos deleted?  Mighta goofed a bit... sorry for no visuals.)

(See ya later, guys!  Due to my manic moving and stress and work and blah blah blah coming up and currently, I feel it's best to take December off for What Mandy Thinks posts.  Quality is better than quantity always and forever, so attempting to post any of my usual stuff - or in this month's case Christmas-themed stuff I now can't do - would be poorly done, rushed, and most likely late.  I'm doing this for you wonderful followers who deserve my best, so I'll see ya next year and hope your holidays turn out lovely.)

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