January 8, 2014

I have to live with a BOY!

I'm BAAAAACK!  And not exactly all moved in yet since unpacking is a b*tch.  Did ya miss me?

Since living on my own, I didn't think I'd jump back into Roommate Land again especially this soon (only one glorious, glorious year), but life's not always in our control.  Getting laid off sucked, starting new side jobs while looking for work can suck most of the time, but living in that cave of a studio apartment really wasn't the best for me and the cat in the long run.  (Excluding the flea infestation, I mean.  At least Jimmy and I are over THAT hurdle now.)

As I write this, I sit here surrounded by all my stuff in my new bedroom (I haven't had a four-walled room for my bed only since... high school? What!) and wonder what I got myself into.  2014 isn't turning out how I though it would because I really did love living alone, but I'm still underemployed...

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Yes.  A BOY!  (But not like that haha.  Let's just say he's fabulously not my type.)  We met through my current side job of Lyft as we're both drivers and bonded through long waits between passenger requests.  My lease was ending soon and he was looking for a place so we kind of dove into apartment shopping before I could even agree to it haha.  At least I'm saving money for the quality of living I have now (it's a major improvement to say the least, with separate rooms, two floors, AND a built-in washer/dryer?  Yep much better).  Also, we're in the South Bay now so it's gonna be MUCH hotter than the Peninsula all-around but mostly for the summer months (my favorite season and I CAN'T FLIPPING WAIT). But we have been mistaken as boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, and brother/sister since moving in by the apartment staff and new neighbors.  Either we get along too well in public or we look too alike for our own good.

To give you an idea of who I'm sharing a roof with, here's a few things I've noticed about him thus far:
  • His name is a type of cheese, and I love cheese!
  • He's the most high maintenance person I've ever met but not in a way that makes everybody around him miserable, so he's got that going of him.  (He grew up in a very different posession-and-wealth-driven family than my artsy-fartsy-cheep-is-always-better family.)
  • He can cook, unlike this microwave savvy chick over here.  And eats healthy; he's eaten more green stuff around me so far than I have eaten in the last year.
  • He's around my height.  Tall people FTW! 

So far so good in the land of roommates once again.  Maybe my sanity will go up now that I have to be around at least one person more often than usual.  What sucks the most is I have to wear pants more... darnit.

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