January 18, 2014

WMT Changes for 2014 / Never What You Think Blogging Update

What Mandy Thinks: Real Person Chronicles post
This year is starting off strange and a little rocky for me, but at least it's only up from here!  (Crosses fingers with gritted teeth.)

WMT news-wise, I'm not as ambitious as I was last year in the WMT 2013 post.  For 2014, What Mandy Thinks itself may grow or stay the same but it's not going anywhere and that's all I know for sure.  I hope to get more Small Talk posts with a few of my blogging friends done this year since only one for last year makes that section lonely and sad.  Don't expect the SPOTD posts to come back anytime soon since my current state of affairs involves sweatpants, job applications, self loathing, and unsuccessfully trying to not spend my way to the curb because I don't have enough money for rent - all not very pleasurable things.  (Ok fine, sweatpants are always pleasurable, just not exciting enough to blog about, yes?)

On a LIGHTER note...
Keeping a consistent and on-time schedule for each post is something I'm going to really take seriously since my backlogged list fills me up with shame on a daily basis.  I also may finally get one of my novels out there (or attempt a manuscript and see if one of my former English teachers doesn't laugh at me over it), so if that occurs this year I'll blog about it for sure.

Good news with my Never What You Think collab: I'm going to start doing monthly blog submissions including this month's latest one titled "You're Not A Big Fat Failure."  (This will explain why I'm wearing sweatpants constantly.)  Here's an excerpt and a link to the rest:

"I recently got laid off from my full-time job.  Regardless of why or how it ended, I've felt like a miserable fat failure of a human being.  I had no back-up plan besides a side job or two.  How was I going to live with no income?  There is NO way I will ever file for unemployment because I was raised with the notion of 'find ANY job to make ends meet and only use unemployment as a last resort.'  I decided to temporarily become a..."

Click here to read the rest!


  1. I am sure you would make an awesome blog post about sweatpants!


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