March 28, 2014

Back to Reality (Finally)

What Mandy Thinks: "Real Person Chronicles" post
Remember when I was babbling about my career options last month?  I was in a flux of uncertainty and annoyance for failing to find a "real job" to replace the supposed-to-be-temporary driving job.  Would I find anything?  Well, HAHA I DID!

You're reading the blog of a new Online Content Manager for a cloud computing company (whatever that is), and I start Monday!  I'm swapping driving in the car all day/night for blog and website management, targeted marketing campaigns, and so much more I have yet to experience / get comfy with.  I'm not hyperventilating, nope nope.  Darn, I'm hoping it isn't some cruel joke to be hired the day before April Fool's...

This blog among other experience I have has shifted my career into marketing as a website content creator and blog manager, all from a random Monster recruiter out of the blue who thought my writing hobbies would work for this job.  THANK YOU UNIVERSE or whoever's in charge if it isn't me because I'm employed once again.  AND the pay is better than I expected!  *Insert happy dance here.*

Of course, I still have to drive for a few more weeks until that first check gets me back to normal (hello credit card and car loan debt I now have, yikes).  I'll enjoy my last few weeks of full-time traffic-hopping through the nervous excitement of this new job.  I have a lot to be thankful for:

  • My high-school self for wanting to pursue a web design degree. Without the technical and aesthetic skills I learned from college, I would not have stood out against the runner-up for my new position (who I was told had less technical skills). There is also a website redesign in this company's future so I'm an asset for their design agency giving direction on their mockups and such.

  • My 2013 self for diving into blogging. If I had decided to hold off on part-time blogging back then, there's no doubt I would still be looking for jobs today instead of having the satisfaction that my new boss thinks I'm "rather hilarious" (say this in an Australian accent to get the full effect). My life has changed now that I have a content/writing presence as well as design presence online.

  • My mentor / previous work buddy manager fella, Brendan (the one who hired me from that last job). He had left the company months before I did so when he heard I was out on the street, he met with me immediately to discuss next steps and give pep talks I surely needed. Funny how things like this happen, huh?

  • My new Lyft buddies who kept me mostly sane and occupied during my career-less time. The tax man will see I've still generated income between that old job and this new one, but it hasn't felt much like working. Introverted jokes aside, it's been a great experience I hope to still stay connected with by occasionally driving or meeting up with my new friends. One of them is my roommate so I'm at least stuck with him for now haha. If it wasn't for him though, I wouldn't be living in the swanky place we're in now away from the previous flee-infested hole he saved me from.

  • Any and all of y'all in my little circle of important people who believed in me that I haven't mentioned. You're AWESOME and words can't express how grateful I am to have each and every one of you in my life. Even all you blog readers I've never met are important to me, keeping my little blogging hobby going.

Speaking of hobbies, I really want to get more serious with writing now that I have a job involving writing.  I told myself that if I get this job, that's a sign from the universe or whatever (insert angels in a choir here) to bulk up on novel-ling and guest blogging and such.  Could I be a novel writer full time after this job?  Could that writing degree and schooling dream turn to reality?  It's much more possible now.  Who knows, I haven't even started this job yet.  NO jinxing!

Wish me luck in this new direction of mine.  I've got a lot to learn with the new digs and responsibilities, but I can't wait.  They're just fine with me freelancing and Lyft-ing in my spare time as well as my blogging so color me busy until further notice.  I've got an outfit to pick out, folks!  THAT MEANS IT'S HAPPENING.  NEW JOB, WOO!

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