June 24, 2014

Guest Blog Alert! "To All the Girls Who Act like Boys" via Never What You Think

What Mandy Thinks: "Words of Advice" post
Listen up, ladies!  My latest Never What You Think post is out and it's for all the tomboys out there.  This latest article by moi is about accepting those boy-ish behaviors and interests as human things that girls can do, too.

Here's an excerpt and a link to the rest:

"Dear Girls of the World, gender roles are fading away.  Girls are not solely thought of as prissy, fragile homemakers whose sole job is to bear and raise the kids.  Girls can do many things boys can nowadays from their jobs to their dirty work, and not even bat an eye.  Just because your XX chromosome selves have boobs and estrogen doesn’t mean you can let loose and/or man up like the boys do..."

Click here to read the rest!

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