June 28, 2014

Why Summer TV Is the Best TV

What Mandy Thinks: "Words of Advice" post
I love television, but I can't find it in me to cut the cable chord yet.  TV rules my life in the fall for multiple shows coming back on the air for new seasons  - and can't forget FOOTBALL - renewing my investment to cable.  I'm seduced into watching at least one new show that will eventually fail when I'm the only viewer who thinks it's just getting good (sorry Matthew Perry and all of your pilots, I may be your only fan).  The (legal) internet TV giants of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon take this time to swoop in and release full seasons of shows I've been meaning to binge, so there goes my free time.  (The inventor of the DVR needs a hug from me, too.  Fast-forwarding through commercials is almost as fun as the shows themselves.)  It also doesn't help that my TV is across from my daybed in the best watching setting possible.  (It's a BED COUCH with the right amount of pillows, people.  Bed couch!)

In a stunning turn of events, I'll be chaining myself to the television and computer screens once more in October.  However, NOTHING beats the light-hearted awesomeness that is summer TV.  Here's why:
  • The selection of new and recurring shows is smaller. That leaves just enough time during the week to enjoy the outdoor-no-tv fun stuff, or time to catch up on some binging indoors. And my easily swayed self won't be roped into yet another disappointing one-season-er that gets me all invested only to rip the carpet out from under me - their only fan. The less shows available, the less disappointment for Mandy.

  • Reality TV is at its best. With more of the family friendly, less-singers-more-dancers type of competition shows like So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent suck me in every summer with the showcase of talent of all sorts. I'm a sucker for singing shows of course (hey there The Voice), but dance and variety reign supreme on summer nights.

  • It's easy going, less dramatic and stressful. Fall and spring shows take you on a roller coaster of emotions through their storylines and random twists that keep you watching as you're back in school or working more at the office or whatever else makes people busier during these seasons. Summer is a laid back season where all we want is close-to-mindless entertainment to veg out to when we're not out gallivanting in the summer heat.

  • The less hype, the better. With a smaller list of shows available on the boob tube, there tends to be a lot less promotion for them all. Reality shows always have commercials and campaigns galore, but since I only watch two I'm less bombarded by those networks that NEED me to watch for some reason. There is also less of the "Are you caught up with [insert show here]?" pestering with friends or coworkers.

  • It's prep for the hectic fall lineup. Winter finale's and season ending springs are the thing of the past. Cool down with the chill summer lineup and you'll be ready for fall.

To all my TV and cable addicts out there: go outside.  The weather's fine.  But once you're back inside, get up on your couch or bed (OR BED COUCH, be jealous) and rot your brain with all the wonder of summer television.

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