December 29, 2014

Guest Blog Alert! "Why I Love (and Hate) Birthdays" via Never What You Think

What Mandy Thinks: "Words of Advice" post
Hey hey, Never What You Think has the last Mandy-written post live up for 2014!  This latest article from moi is about the love-hate holiday birthday I also share New Year's Eve with.

Here's an excerpt and a link to the rest:

"I was born Amanda Christina Norman at 8:48am on December 31st, 1989 with no idea how rough yet wonderful it will be to be born on such a day.  (My under-developed kid brain honestly thought the fireworks and ball-dropping were all for me, which didn’t last long.)  As all of my “holiday birthday buddies” can tell you, sharing your day with other celebrations around you is a bit of a blessing and a curse, but all birthdays have..."

Click here to read the rest!

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