March 23, 2015

Guest Blog Alert! "What Happened to Common Courtesy?"

What Mandy Thinks: "Words Of Advice" post
This month's Never What You Think blog post is a big ranty but beyond important to understand: common courtesy is now a rarity.  Will it ever come back?  Am I just oblivious to times changing?  Read for yourself, whatever.

Here's an excerpt and link to the rest:

"'Treat others as you’d want to be treated' was always common courtesy.  We wanted to be treated nicely so we were nice, even when we didn’t want to be.  Human decency was and still is a priority in who I was and who I am today based on all the places I’ve lived, including Wyoming.  Before you bring gender into this, I’m not focusing on the stereotypical chivalry type of courtesy.  I’m talking about..."

Click here to read the rest!

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