November 1, 2016

Accepting My Values: Tattoos

In order to fully embrace the positive, most important values in my life to downgrade and ignore the negative ones, I've pledged to spotlight each of my greatest values through writing to remind myself of their importance and hopefully inspire others to embrace theirs.  This love letter of acceptance is for tattoos.

Dear Tattoos,

With all my silly skin allergies to metals, what do I have left to decorate myself but a lifetime piece of art to take everywhere with me such as yourself!  I've always wanted you, or several versions of you to be accurate.  Now I have two - going on four - and counting.  The phrase "they're like potato chips, you can't have just one" is wonderfully accurate with you.

Bring on each initial pain and ongoing maintenance in keeping you bright and healthy through evil sunshine and my saggy/wrinkly years.  Bring on the occasional curious looks, skeptics, and haters for whatever ink I choose out of my own joyous life and not their approval.  I know you can be removed if I ever regretted you, but that only motivates me to take extended time in choosing the designs that will withstand my indecisive nature so I'd want - no, NEED - to keep you forever.

You give me the confidence I lack in body positivity, so you will always be a true value of mine for your endless possibilities and beauty you bring to my body and my spirit.  Thank you for allowing me to express myself, and also making me look a bit more bad-ass than I actually am.

Stay valuable,

P.S: That featured image is a preview for my next - not one, but TWO pieces in the works!  I just got the black elements done and will finish up the color session in a few weeks!  Stay tuned for the final product(s), and check out some recent posts I've done on tattoos including how to prep for your first one.

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