January 3, 2017

Capsule Wardrobe? My 2017 Fashion Renaissance Begins!

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Every year I do a list of things I want to accomplish based on my age's number as a way to grow each year, continue habits and set up new ones, and keep goals accountable - ie my own life homework I assign myself because I miss school.  One item I placed on my "27 Things To Do Before 28" list is to get serious about my style / wardrobe (again) in hopes of setting up a capsule wardrobe or two for 2018.  I'm gonna thrift and donate and purge until I can say "Feast your eyes 'cause THIS -" (gesturing to the open closet proudly) " - is 100% me."  Sounds fine and dandy now, but it's going to take the whole freaking year - NO SHORTCUTS.  No more "closet decor" (ie keeping an item I never wear only because it looks good hung up / visible).  Hello, human decor!

To say my work-from-home lifestyle has changed my relationship with clothes and fashion is an understatement.  Last year, I'd say ninety percent of the year I was wearing PJs or lounge clothes all day, not meant for human eyes to see (yet I would almost always wear them out to run errands).  Having a "fashion sense" of any sort just wasn't worth the effort staying in all the time.  But the remaining ten percent was for the reason I used to wear semi-nice things and has been my only reason to wear a bra: to look nice for other people.  I would wear a nice dress because I had an in-office meeting, or a cute top and tight pants when the boyfriend and I would have a concert to attend.  Wearing outside clothes picked out the night before so meticulously were almost always chosen to make me feel like the person inside the clothes, even if I wasn't feeling like that person outside of them.  The perception of myself wasn't always me.

THAT'S CHANGING THIS YEAR, people.  I'm doing this all for me, myself, and I (and the thrift shopping industry indirectly) to feel / be my best adult self and look my adult best always.  My priorities are to myself, to Mandy only.  Sure it's nice to occasionally get compliments or wear something I know the boyfriend likes on me or what have you but NO MORE will I dictate my choices for others as a first priority.  I'm gonna wear what I want to wear with the style that suits my insides and my outsides and DANGIT it's gonna feel great.  When it's daylight outside yet I don't have to BE outside, I'm going to get in the habit of tossing the PJs and comfies aside and wearing something I like regardless if anybody is going to see me that day or not.

The result I hope for other than feeling better about myself every day is having that drive for the extended goal of the capsule(s) in 2018.  This "end" to reach will hopefully keep this little fashion renaissance of mine at a slow burn, not a burst of flames.  In fact, here's a rough list of what I plan to accomplish as a guide for y'all if you're interested in doing something similar:

1) Create a realistic goal using deadlines, numbers, categories, etc.  The key word is REALISTIC.
2) Set up a current inventory of everything.  A spreadsheet of each category is what I'll be doing because spreadsheets are sexy.
3) Purge the unwanted / unnecessary / the "closet decor."  Only leave what sparks joy as Ms. Kondo would say.  These should be the essential that are worn regularly.
4) Be strict with the new.  Bring in only what can replace a current something (a higher quality item or better version) or is additionally exceptional at getting to your goal (something extra awesome that will definitely be worn).  I need to keep this in check because my goal is all about decreasing in numbers and increasing in joy.
5) Keep sticking with it until the number and type of each item works best for your goal.  My goal metrics are generic because my style needs to be defined first in step 1.
6) Never stop improving / growing / changing because that's life.  Keep asking yourself why you have these things and if they still add value to your life, as Josh and Ryan would say.  If it gets out of control or your goal completely changes, go back to step 1.  Failure is also life; just start it up again with what you learned guiding you.

And I'm off to create the sexiest spreadsheet for my closer-to-sexy self.  PJ's are not a second skin, Mandy.  This is YOUR YEAR to look damn cute and feel damn good, so go forth and DO THIS.  Wish me luck, guys!

Do you have any fashion-turned-self-esteem goals for the new year?

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