New Reader?

Welcome, my noobs!  As my trusty sidebar suggests, this "What Mandy Thinks" blog is all about my thoughts and various happenings in my mundane 20-something life.  As a hobby writer, I love finding excuses to practice writing and refining my literary voice and all that jazz, thus this blog was born!

Who's this "Mandy" person?
Personally, I'm a sister, organizer, reader, writer, crafter, designer, blogger, cat owner, and giraffe lover.  This gal is tall, tattooed, and above all upbeat.  Professionally, I'm a Creative Specialist at a social media company with a degree in Web Design.

What does she post about?
I like to write about various things:

"Real-Person Chronicles" posts are a mishmash of thoughts and news in relation to the blog or are otherwise uncategorizable just because.  Some of the posts I've done so far are commentary on life, fashion, family, music, wellness, and career choices from my life based on nothing more than me wanting to vent about it.

"Oh the Places" narratives detail my experiences at various "places" such as vacations, tours, concerts, and other public activity I find interesting.  Think of these as "I was here and this happened" posts, which differ from the next category.

"Let's Review" post are reviews of products or outside activities which hopefully shows my opinion on this stuff matters to somebody.  Think of these as "I was here / I have this product and I liked / disliked it because..." posts.

"Words of Advice" are another example of hoping my opinion matters by painting a picture on topics I consider interesting.  Example include why something I experienced matters and why something I suggest you doing matters.

"College" posts reflect the craziness of my last few months of college (the Art Institute of California - San Francisco in 2011) and other college-related thoughts.  Let's hope I go back to school (a Creative Writing degree?) at least one more time by the age of 30 because my bucket list says so.

"Simple Pleasure of the Day" snippets from 2013 focus on one simple pleasure of my daily life as a reminder to enjoy the little things. There's at least one every day for several months, and I may bring this feature back in the near future.

How often does she post?
Every 8th, 18th, and 28th of the month there's a post to be found.  If you don't see one when there should be, check back in later.  I may have forgotten to schedule it, was out of town, got lazy, etc.  I'm only human after all.

Take a look around, read some of my stuff, and let me know what you think!  I love comments and page views.

Thanks for showing up!  I suggest you stick around.

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